5 Best Ways To Keep Your Home Mold Free

Have you ever had a mold infestation in your house? If you have, then you know how much of a hassle it is to clean up and fix. Not only is a mold problem expensive, but even worse, it can cause structural damage to your house, and in some cases make your current residence uninhabitable if it gets too out of hand.

If you are one of the lucky ones who haven’t had to fix a mold problem before, then you are in luck! By following the tips in this article, you will be well on your way to maintaining a mold-free home!

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Yearly Inspections

After purchasing a residence for you and your family, one of the best things you can do to keep your home mold free is to hire an inspector to come out once every 4-6 months to check on the problem areas where mold may form. Calling out an inspector in the spring when rain and moisture levels are high is a good time to call.

This person can be a mold remediation specialist, or someone who specializes in the specific area where mold may form. For example, knowing mold can form around a leaky pipe, it may be smart to hire a plumber to check out everything to ensure you don’t have a leaky pipe somewhere in the house.

Because mold loves growing in and around a cool dry place, the inspector can spend the required amount of time it takes to check every single area, and be able to tell you if you have a problem.

Inspectors have years of experience, and even though this will be a yearly investment for you, if it helps save you from a future mold infestation that may push you out of your home it is worth every single penny!

Keep The Air Moving

Don’t allow the air in your home to become stagnant. When it is possible, occasionally open up the windows to allow the air to flow around the home in a natural manner. When the air in your home becomes musty, this is a sign that it is time to “air it out.”

With the help of using specific devices that keep the air moving, or something as simple as a fan, this will help you stay safe from a future mold infestation.

Keep Water Out

Don’t allow puddles of water to form in or around the home. Mold loves moisture and when you leave puddles, this becomes a perfect breeding ground for future mold infestations

Use Bleach To Clean Hard Surfaces Only

Sometimes you may come across a small amount of mold growth that was lucky enough to slide under your radar. Small areas of under 10 square feet can be cleaned with soap and water, and hard surfaces like ceramic can be cleaned with bleach. However, bleach is not an approved mold killing product for use on drywall, wood, concrete or any other porous surface. You can try to clean these areas that are less than 10 square feet but keep an eye on them. If the mold returns, call a professional.