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Mold. You probably don't know you have it, but just one occurrence can be enough to ruin your home and have devastating effects on your family's health. At Porter's EcoCare, our trained mold removal professionals will review your home where conditions are ripe for mold to occur.

Response To Mold In Your Home

Our innovative, non-toxic mold removal solution is designed to completely eradicate mold and the signs it leaves behind. Unlike other companies, we don't sand blast or paint over mold-infested areas. Instead, we completely remove the mold problem from your home or business in Indiana, Illinois or Michigan.

What's New

An Indiana, Illinois & Michigan Mold Remediation Company

Porters EcoCare is one of three services that make up the Porters Network of home services. Customers have been putting their trust in the Porter name since 1951 and you can too. With Certification from the National Association of Mold Professionals, our representatives are trained to expertly review and respond to your remediation and prevention needs.

Our exclusive 4 step process and warranties presented by Porters EcoCare is unmatched! We can do it faster, safer, and at a lower cost than the competition. We guarantee it!!

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